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  There is no substitute for you reading the Bible directly for yourself. The Holy Ghost can speak directly to you as you read the word. However, some people who read the Bible are like the man in Acts 8:26-39. When asked, ”Do you understand what you are reading?” he replied “How can I, unless someone guides me?”  To help you understand the Bible, God has given pastors, evangelists and teachers. In addition a series of review questions can guide you through the Scriptures. These review questions should be a great tool in increasing your knowledge of God and His Word. You should read the Bible portion before trying to answer the review questions. If you cannot answer a question please check the verse in parenthesis after the question or click on the word "answers" which appears occasionally.
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Character Qualities
Knowing about and understanding the Bible is very important. However it is even more important to apply the principles  in your life and develop character qualities. It is suggested that you read the article (from the drop down list above) pertaining to the particular character quality and the scriptures in the endnotes and then take the quizzes.

You might also enjoy listening to and seeing some Bible lessons.



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