Introduction to New Bible Games

(By clicking on the type of  game you can see more details and try a sample game)

Jeopardy Style game (Usually played with teams however an individual can play it)

 Questions are arranged on a board in five categories in five difficulty levels with the point value of each question shown. If the answer is correct the point value of the question is added. If the answer is incorrect the point value is subtracted. The team with the highest score wins.

List of games

Speed Match game. (played one person at a time)

 The object of this game is to drag the correct answer buttons to the question squares as fast as possible. A timer will automatically keep the time it takes to complete the game. To try a game and see a list of games available click here.

List of Games


(no longer available) Bible Challenge Board Game - Printed version covers people, places, numerals, In which book and quotations

Online Streaming -  Watch streaming video of Creation and Teacher Training Sessions and Bible lessons in streaming PowerPoint


Bible Quizzes in Spanish

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