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What Parents and Students Need to Know About Creationism and Evolution ( 21 Minutes )


Evolutionism: Seven More Things You Should Know  ( 25 minutes )

Science Versus Evolution Debate
University of South Florida 
Introduction   2:29
Affirmative Moehlenpah 30:14
Negative Young 25:58
Rebuttal Moehlenpah 5:20
Rebuttal Young 5:02
Q & A Both 12:09


Science and the Bible

Bible Answers Regarding Creation

The Fossils Say No!

To hear and watch PowerPoint presentations of Dr. Moehlenpah teaching each chapter of the book Creation versus Evolution: Scientific and Religious Considerations click here

  Design and Purpose in Nature
View Entire presentation



The Earth

 The Sun, Moon, and Stars

 The Human Body

 The Manufacturer's Instructions



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