Table of Contents  and Authors

Teaching With Variety


Table of Contents

  1. The Importance of Teaching

  2. Teaching by Example

  3. Aims and Objectives

  4. Storytelling

  5. Asking and Answering Questions

  6. Leading a Discussion

  7. Student-Centered Teaching Methods

  8. Panel Discussion

  9. Audio Aids

  10. How Charts Can Help Your Teaching

  11. The Chalkboard

  12. The Overhead Projector

  13. Computer Presentations - New

  14. Hand Puppets

  15. Teaching with Objects or Models

  16. Memory Work

  17. Lesson Preparation

  18. Applying the Lesson

  19. Good Discipline

  20. Evaluating Your Teaching

  21. A Filing System

  22. How to Conduct a Teacher Training Course  


Arlo Moehlenpah has been teaching professionally since 1959. He has taught at Macalester College, Wisconsin State University, Gateway College of Evangelism, Conquerors Bible College, Christian Life College, and San Joaquin Delta College. For many years he and his wife have taught teacher training courses and seminars. Most of the material in this book has been used in these courses. For more information regarding his academic and professional qualifications see the "About the Author" page in the Creation versus Evolution section of this website.


Jane Moehlenpah is an experienced Sunday School teacher. She has assisted her husband in teaching the teacher training courses and seminars. Her specialties include storytelling, teaching with audio aids, teaching with puppets and memory work. She is the author of the chapters relating to these subjects. 

This book has been written as a textbook for the training of teachers in both churches and Bible colleges. The chapters do not have to be covered in the order presented. We trust that this material will benefit your teaching and those you train.


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