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Romans Chapter 1

1.             His prophets

2.             Jesus Christ

3.             All in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints

4.             Always

5.             1 To impart some spiritual gift     2) To establish them     3)To be mutually encouraged (comforted) by each otherís faith

6.             Greeks, Barbarians, wise and unwise

7.             Preach the gospel of Christ to those in Rome

8.             The gospel of Christ which is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth

9.             By faith

10.         All ungodliness and unrighteousness of men

11.         Godís invisible qualities Ė His eternal power and Godhead

12.         Glorify him as God or give thanks to him

13.         They became fools and changed the glory of God into images made to look like man, birds, animals and reptiles.

14.         Vile affections and a reprobate mind

15.         A lie

16.         Lust for other men

17.         Fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, envy, murder, debate, deceit, malice, gossip, slander, God-hating, insolent, arrogant, boasting, invent evil things, disobedient to parents, senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless.

18.         They do the things that are worthy of death and have pleasure in them 

Romans Chapter 2

1.             Truth

2.             Repentance

3.             To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality

4.             Those who are contentious, disobedient to truth

5.             When they by nature do the things contained in the law

6.             Their knowledge of the law

7.             In spite of your teaching, do you steal, commit adultery, rob temples?

8.             If you keep the law

9.             If he is one inwardly

10.         That of the heart 

Romans Chapter 3

1.             They have been entrusted with the word of God

2.             God is true and every man a liar.

3.             Let us do evil that good may result

4.             All

5.             All the world

6.             Through the law

7.             Through faith in Jesus Christ

8.             All

9.             By his grace through redemption by Christ Jesus to those who have faith in Jesus

10.         Both Jews and Gentiles

11.         No we establish the law 

Romans Chapter 4

1.             Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.

2.             One to whom God imputed righteousness without works, one whose sins are forgiven.

3.             Yes

4.             Through the righteousness that comes by faith.

5.             The deadness of his own body or the deadness of Sarahís womb.

6.             What God had promised, he was able also to perform.

7.             If we believe in him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead 

Romans Chapter 5

1.             In hope of the glory of God.

2.             Tribulations

3.             Patience

4.             His love

5.             While we were still sinners

6.             Godís wrath

7.             Through the death of Godís son

8.             Sin and death, judgment, condemnation

9.             Grace, gift, justification, life, righteousness

10.         Grace

11.         Eternal life 


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Romans Chapter 6

1.             By no means

2.             Through baptism unto death

3.             In newness of life

4.             So that we would no longer be slaves to sin, for he that is dead is freed from sin

5.             We shall live with him

6.             Sin

7.             Offer yourself as an instrument of righteousness

8.             To the one you obey

9.             Slaves to righteousness unto holiness

10.         Shame which would result in death

11.         Holiness which will result in eternal life

12.         Death

13.         Eternal life 

Romans Chapter 7

1.             When a husband dies a wife is no longer bound to him but is free to marry another

2.             In newness of the spirit

3.             Certainly not. The law is holy and spiritual

4.             Sin

5.             Sin sprang to life and put me to death

6.             Exceeding sinful

7.             In my flesh (sinful nature)

8.             Law of God, law in my members, law of my mind, law of sin

9.             Jesus Christ our Lord

10.         Law of God

11.         Law of sin 

Romans Chapter 8

1.             Them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit

2.             The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus

3.             The son

4.             By walking in the spirit and not after the flesh

5.             Carnal mindedness results in death. Spiritual mindedness results in life and peace

6.             They that are in the flesh (controlled by sinful nature)

7.             Have the spirit of God dwelling in you

8.             Give life to your mortal bodies

9.             As many as are led by the spirit of God

10.         That we are the children of God

11.         The sufferings of this present time

12.         From the bondage of corruption

13.         Waiting for the redemption of our bodies

14.         Our infirmities and in intercession

15.         Them that love God, who are called according to his purpose

16.         He predestinates, calls, justifies, and glorifies

17.         Christ is at the right hand of God making intercession for us

18.         Tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, sword, death, life, angels, principalities, powers, things present, things to come, height, depth, any other creature

19.         More than conquerors 

Romans Chapter 9

1.             Because the Israelites did not accept Christ

2.             Children of promise

3.             The elder shall serve the younger. Jacob I loved but Esau I hated

4.             On those He wants to show mercy

5.             Those who He wants to harden

6.             The potter and the clay

7.             Gentiles

8.             I will call them my people which were not my people

9.             A remnant

10.         By faith

11.         Because they sought it not by faith

12.         A stumbling stone and rock of offense that whosoever trusts in him will never be put to shame 

Romans Chapter 10

1.             That they may be saved

2.             Their zeal is not based on knowledge

3.             In your mouth and heart

4.             If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart you will be saved

5.             Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord

6.             By hearing

7.             By them that are no people (Gentiles)


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Romans Chapter 11

1.             Paul was an Israelite and also God preserved 7000 men during time of Elijah

2.             Of works

3.             Most of the Israelites

4.             Gentiles

5.             Olive tree

6.             Grafted in

7.             If God spared not the natural branches (Israelites) take heed lest he spare you not also

8.             Goodness and severity

9.             The natural branches (Israel)

10.         So a full number of Gentiles could come in

11.         Gifts and callings of God

12.         All men

13.         His judgments and ways

14.         God

Romans Chapter 12

1.             Present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God

2.             Transformed by the renewing of our mind

3.             Of ourselves with sober judgment

4.             The measure of faith

5.             The body with many members

6.             Prophecy, ministry (serving), teaching, exhorting (encouraging), giving, visiting (leadership)

7.             Sincerely (without dissimulation)

8.             Evil

9.             Good

10.         With brotherly love, preferring one another

11.         Be not slothful in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord, rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, faithful in prayer, sharing with Godís people who are in need, practice hospitality

12.         Those who persecute you, your enemy

13.         Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those that weep

14.         People of low position

15.         With good

16.         Peaceably

17.         God

Romans Chapter 13

1.             Higher powers (governing authorities)

2.             The ordinance of God

3.             To execute punishment on wrong doers

4.             Tribute, custom, honor

5.             To love one another

6.             Love your neighbor as yourself

7.             Love

8.             Now it is high time

9.             The works of darkness

10.         Honestly, not in rioting, drunkenness, sexual immorality, debauchery, dissension or jealousy

11.         The flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof 

Romans Chapter 14

1.             Some eat all things and others are vegetarians

2.             To our own master (God)

3.             Some consider one day more sacred than another and others consider each day alike

4.             None of us live to ourselves and no one does to himself

5.             Before the judgment seat of Christ

6.             Pass judgment on one another

7.             That which one regards as unclean

8.             Cause our brother to stumble

9.             Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost

10.         The things that lead to peace and edification

11.         The man who does not condemn himself by what he approves

12.         Whatever is not of faith 

Romans Chapter 15

1.             Bear the infirmities of the weak and not please ourselves

2.             Ourselves

3.             Patience and comfort

4.             God of patience, consolation, hope, peace

5.             God

6.             Joy and peace and hope

7.             From Jerusalem all the way to Illyricum

8.             Lest I should build upon another manís foundation

9.             When he went to Spain

10.         To make a contribution for the poor among the saints in Jerusalem

11.         In the fullness of the blessing of the gospel with joy by the will of God

12.         For him that he might be delivered from them that do not believe in Judea and that his service which he had for Jerusalem might be accepted by the saints there 

Romans Chapter 16

1.             A servant of the church at Cenchrrea who was a great help to many people including Paul

2.             They risked their lives for Paul. A church met in their home

3.             Epaenetus, Mary, Adronicus, Junias, Amplias, Urbane, Stachys, Apelles, the household of Aristobulus, Herodion, household of Narcissus, Tryphena, Tryphosa, Persis, Rufus and his mother, Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermas, Patrobas, Hermes and the brothers with them, Philologus, Julia, Nereus and his sister, Olympas and all the saints with them, and one another

4.             Them which cause divisions and offenses

5.             Unto that which is good

6.             Satan

7.             Timothy, Lucius, Jason, Sosipater, Tertius, Gaius, Erastus, Quartus

8.             Tertius

9.             Paulís gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ


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