Philemon  Answers 

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1.             Paul and Timothy

2.             A prisoner of Jesus Christ

3.             A prisoner, in bonds

4.             That he was with Paul at this time

5.             Philemon

6.             Loved by Paul, fellow worker, faith in the Lord, loved the saints, refreshed the saints, had slaves

7.             Fellow soldier

8.             He thanked God always

9.             His love and faith toward Jesus and the saints and because he refreshed the saints

10.         This is a mark of a true Christian

11.         Command or appeal

12.         Aged and a prisoner

13.         Spiritual father

14.         Onesimus helped Paul while Paul was in prison

15.         He wouldn’t do anything without Philemon’s consent

16.         That it was the will of God for Onesimus to run away in order that he come in contact with Paul and be converted

17.         1) As a brother,  2) as he would Paul himself

18.         Receive Onesimus no longer as a slave but as a dear brother

19.         Perhaps Onesimus had stolen some things from Philemon when he left

20.         If Onesimus had wronged or owed Philemon anything, Paul would repay it

21.         Philemon owed Paul his very self

22.         Perhaps Philemon would free Onesimus

23.         That he would prepare a guest room for Paul

24.         Paul hoped to be freed

25.         Epaphras, Mark, Aristarchus, Demas and Luke

26.         That the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with them


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