Instructions for Playing the Speed Memory Game

After opening the Speed Memory game your screen should look like the following except in 2014 the scriptures will be taken from

the gospel of John and for the advanced level some from the epistles 1,2,3 John and Revelation


You then select the Division (Beginner, Junior, Int Sr, or Exp Sr Division or Memorize-90) of the verses by clicking on the downward arrow

Then scroll down and select the Category and click on it.

Then Select the Verse to Study by clicking on the downward arrow and scrolling down to the verse.

Then click on the START button and start dragging down or clicking on the words in proper order

If a word is used more than once if it is capitalized it probably is the first word or if it ends with a period

it is probably the last word. Otherwise you may have to click on  the word in several places.


When finished you will either get a "Please Try Again" screen if you do not finish in the recommended time,

which is based on the number of words in the verse, or a "Congratulations" screen if you do finish

in the recommended time accompanied by applause


By clicking on the screen you can then try the same verse again or another verse by repeating the process.